Thursday, September 20, 2007

To: Pervez Musharraf From: Osama Bin Laden

Dear Pervez

I am more of a friend of yours than you perhaps imagine.

You may perhaps ask how I can be your friend when some of our Al Qaeda web sites have been announcing that we will shortly release a video in which we declare war on you and your army of nincompoops.

Come on Pervez, where is your sense of timing ? My threat comes just a couple of weeks before you seek re-election for President on October 6.

If earlier you were maligned by the democrats in your country for stifling democracy, and by your allies like the US for not being tough enough on me and my comrades, now you are the man the world will see as the bulwark against terrorism.

Now that I have declared war on you, you have become definitely more important. Pervez, the infidel Americans will say, must be doing a great job, for Laden to single him out for a video.

That will ensure that the resolve of George Bush to back you will only get stronger ! You can now deport Benazir Bhutto too when she returns on October 18. By then you would have also been re-elected as President. Your other opponents like Imran Khan will grumble and threaten to resign, but that will not shake your position as President. There is no room for democratic niceties during a war against terror.

I heard your lawyer promised your country's Supreme Court that you would resign from the post of chief of army staff after you were re-elected President. Are you silly ? The Americans will not let you, once I have spoken about my war against you and your army.

Before I conclude, thanks Pervez, for going easy on me and my people on the Pakistan-Afghanistan borders. I am not sure it was by design. Maybe it was the sheer lackadaisical approach of your apology for an army which has gone fat and slow in power.

Don’t let your success go to you head. I still have some 160 of your soldiers that we captured without firing a shot. We can continue to be pals, Pervez, but let’s not tell the Americans.

In fact the longer you cling to power, the more ham-fisted your attempts to prove your anti-Islamic credentials, the more disaffection you are generating. Did you see the results of that survey that showed me to be more popular than you in Pakistan.

Your brother

Osama bin Laden

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Amy said...

Yes, the US will now back Musharaf to the hilt.....